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Robotic Solutions

We are a leading company in innovative robotics for the humanitarian cause.


Megara Robotics is one of the leading companies in innovative robots for humanitarian cause. Its main objective is to act as designers, developers, buyers, sellers and dealers in all kinds of Robot and Automation Systems, Robot and Automation technology and Information Technology products and act as manufacturer of Robot and Automation components, Robot and Automation control components and Providing Robot Control Services, Automation projects and Service and Advanced Powered Wheelchairs and expansion programs. In addition, Megara Robotics would also serve as technical and Robot development consultants in India and abroad.


Together AIC-SKU team and WWF - India constituted as panel and shortlisted 9 innovative ideas for pitching on 15th December 2020. All the 9 ideas, prototypes, products were virtually pitched by the shortlisted teams to the panel members. Among these, four Models (ideas/prototypes/products) were selected to work with AIC-SKU & WWF - India and Megara is one among them.

Megara Robotics Featured As Tech30 Startup By YourStory At Techsparks 2020!

Megara Robotics’ AI-based robot climber that climbs a coconut tree, identifies the ripened coconuts, and cuts them automatically was identified as a 'Promising Solution' by MyGov Innovation Platform.

Skill Development

Check Out our Trainings.

At our Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Skill Development Center, we provide job-oriented training to the participants by involving experienced experts from the industry. We also offer extensive internship programs to student community.

Trainings Offered :

  1. Robot Operating System (ROS) Beginner Level

  2. Robot Operating System (ROS) Intermediate Level

  3. Robot Operating System (ROS) Advanced Level

  4. Automation

  5. Digital Image Processing and Artificial intelligence

  6. Computer Vision and OpenCV

  7. Machine Learning

  8. PCB design using Eagle CAD and Ki Cad

Target Audience :

  1. Undergraduate and post graduate engineering students, ITI and Diploma students who aspires for job in the field of Robotics and Automation

  2. Students who want to purse higher studies and research in Robotics and Automation

  3. Academicians and freelance engineers who want to equip themselves with expertise in Robotics and Automation

  4. Novice in Robotics and Automation

Innovation Pillar

Think Wise! Think Big!

At the Aryabhatta Innovation Pillar, we work with our customers to help think big for what they want. We support innovation-led approach that leads to game-changing innovations by our customers and scale them faster. We help them to make the innovation come to life using our vast knowledge, experience and expertise. As we partner with our customers in their innovation journeys through disruptive models and advances in technology, we want them to feel that they are part of what they make.

We explore the unknown for the benefit of society, customers and the world.

Our Inspiration

Sadguru Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi