Light Weight Actuator

  • High precision actuator with harmonic drives.
  • Light weight actuator, weight =786 g.
  • High torque to weight ratio, torque = 204 kg-cm.
  • Velocity, position and torque based controls are possible.
  • Full range of motion and sensing capabilities.
  • Different variants are there, 100W and 140W.
  • Can be used for the precision applications.

High Power Motor Driver

  • Dual channel, multipurpose, high power motor driver.
  • The motor driver with controller and Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Can be used for the part of teleoperated systems.
  • Maximum current capacity of 60A.
  • In built Atmega 328 microcontroller.
  • Suitable for heavy duty applications like wheelchair and mobile robots.

High Torque DC Servo Motor

  • DC servo powered by 12V supply.
  • Servo with high torque to weight ratio.
  • Can provide continuous torque of 150 kg-cm.
  • Maximum current requirement at full load is 3A.
  • Two variants are there, maximum moving range 180 degrees and 360 degrees.
  • Can be used for precision applications and applications with weight constraint.

High Speed High Torque Geared AC Motor

  • Dual direction AC powered motor with gearbox.
  • 220V 50Hz supply, and maximum current of 1 A.
  • Output RPM of 54 and output torque of 300 kg-cm.
  • Total weight of the actuator is 800g .
  • Same performance is both the direction.
  • Can be used as the actuator in AC powered systems.
  • Can be used for robotic applications with weight constraints.