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Chelonia bot

Chelonia bot is the next-generation of the world’s most popular open source robotics platform for education and research, offering better computing power, better sensors and a world class user experience at an affordable price point.

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Chelonia bot, is an innovative educational robot, stands for a gateway to the captivating world of robotics for students and enthusiasts alike. With a focus on hands-on learning, this versatile robot serves as an invaluable tool to demystify complex concepts in robotics and automation. Tailored for educational purposes, the CheloniaBot fosters a holistic understanding of robotic systems, providing a dynamic platform for experimentation and exploration.

Base Versions

  • In its Base Version, the CheloniaBot unleashes a multitude of sensors, offering an immersive learning experience.
  • This version incorporates a diverse array of sensors, including infrared (IR) sensors for proximity detection, ultrasonic sensors for distance measurement, gas sensors for environmental monitoring, inertial measurement units (IMUs) for tracking orientation, RFID tags for identification, and sound sensors for audio interaction.

Advanced Versions

  • In the Advanced Version, we leverage the Robot Operating System (ROS) to expand the capabilities of the CheloniaBot platform. The CheloniaBot Advanced Version experiments encompass a wide range of explorations aimed at enhancing functionality, adaptability, and practical utility.
  • These experiments are categorized into two main types: hardware experiments and software simulation-based experiments.

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