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Maruti 1.0

Non-Foldable Wheelchair

This is a wheelchair that allows a health-worker to transport patients to and from isolation wards without physically touching either the patient or the wheelchair.

Maruti 2.0

Foldable Wheelchair

This foldable powered wheelchair is composed of a light quality Aluminium, which is extremely durable yet lightweight, making it convenient to travel with.

Chelonia Bot

The CheloniaBot, an innovative educational robot, stands for a gateway to the captivating world of robotics for students and enthusiasts alike.

Smorphi-V2 Squarebot

Smorphi is a shape-changing robot that can take seven different shapes. This features makes it capable of performing task in narrow spaces.

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Megara Robotics

No: 11B/14 Periyar Salai,

Ayanavaram, Chennai, India

Call us between 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM


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